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foster and forever pet rescue

Posted on July 14 2014

've had a few ppl ask, what has happened 2 me or say I've turned into a crazy cat lady.I think most ppl like myself have always known there was a problem with abandoned/ abused/neglected pets. I've always adopted strays/ rescue pets. It wasn't until I heard about & agreed 2 foster the pregnant feral mama cat, watch her give birth to 6 babies, watched 3 babies die, bottle feed 3 of them & had 2 put the mama 2 sleep due to illness. Which completely broke my heart into pieces, I cried 4 days ( if u know me, u know I never cry, or at least try like heck not to) In the process of that, I've meet, spoke with, been helped by & seen some very dedicated, loving/ caring people & saw & heard first hand some of the most heartbreaking things about pets. Once that happens 2 u, like anything else in life. It changes u, It truly opens your eyes, wide open & u make a choice 2 either accept that's the way things are, go on with your life. Or do everything u can 2 bring more awareness & do everything u can 2 help. Being a single mom, living paycheck 2 paycheck. I don't have the extra $ 2 donate, some wks I don't have enough 4 the things my family even needs. What I do have is a huge heart for everyone & everything & a strong determination 2 do whatever I have 2,regardless if from time 2 time it gets broken, my heart is big enough & strong enough 2 carry on in life. I also have an amazing landlord who is also involved in animal rescue, who allows me 2 have not only my pets, but agreed 2 allow me 2 foster pets.I am working with foster and forever pet rescue now, helping to foster cats/kittens & it is a great rescue organization! I'm not looking 4 thanks or praise from anyone, I'm only looking 2 do my part & help those pets who need a warm, dry place 2 rest, food in there bellys & all the love in my heart that I can give them & hopefully along the way, help them find loving/ caring homes with ppl who will care 4 them forever. Pets never ask for anything, yet they give u everything they have. So I'm sorry 2 those who don't understand why I've been so involved with helping pets or those I've drove crazy with my endless posts on FB about pets. I also can't thank those who've shared my posts, helped by donating to the rescue & are always there 2 help & my kids who live on a daily basis, with the craziness of our household. Please consider donating to our cause by your purchase here.
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