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For My "Mom"

Posted on January 24 2015

For My
My Grandmother, Sarah Ann Hansel also known as: "Sally", "Mom" and "Toots", was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on August 13 2014, at the age of 76. Even though the odds were against her, she was determined to fight. That was Her till the very end. She was always so determined in everything she did, for as far back as I can remember. Her favorite phrase was "Can't never did a thing!" and the word she hated the most was "No"... "Mom" is what we (the grandkids) all called her. She was, along with my Poppy, a huge part of my life and gratefully I still have my Poppy with me, but nothing feels right without her.... There were so many things I never got a chance to talk to her about or to ask her.

Her battle with Leukemia, like most, was a tough one, between the chemo, the Subdural Hematoma (Brain Bleed) and the strokes...this woman never got a break... but she NEVER stopped fighting.

On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at approximately 7:57am, she lost her battle and was no longer in pain. Christmas was her favorite time of the year, on top of that she was a woman of strong Christian Faith and a beautiful singer. I feel it was only too perfect that this is when she left this world to claim her rightful place in God's choir and to have brought the family close for the holidays.

I have to be honest, this was my first real loss and I'm still not sure how to deal with it. I can't think of her without crying. But when I found out about Bravelets, I felt it was a sign...her telling me to get one. To be brave for myself, because life goes on and for her is eternal, as she is no longer suffering and in pain. I have to be brave for my Poppy. Coming home to an empty house and not having her around, telling him what to do ;), has been the worst for him.

To look at this Bravelet every day will remind me not to be sad, that's not what she would want. She would want me to smile in her memory, regardless of how hard it might be. She would want to be remembered by a Smile, because her's was perfect and unforgetable.

I miss you so much, Mom, and I will always love you. Love, Your "Puddy"
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