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For Chris And Unknown

Posted on February 24 2015

My story is twofold. Honoring my unknown donor and also my sister who lost her battle because a donor couldn't be found. I'm not the brave one, these two souls are.

In early 2013 I suffered a terrible injury to my ankle. Unable to walk, I had to had reconstructive surgery to repair the tissue that was damaged and torn. Thanks to an anonymous organ, eye and tissue donor, I can walk again. But this person, with their gifts, potentially restored live to 9 people and improved the lives of more than 50 others. I created a special tattoo to honor that person and wear it proudly around my ankle. I hope their family has found peace.

My sister, Chris, suffered for Hepatitis C for many, many years. She was placed on a liver transplant list, but deteriorated before a donor could be found and passed two years ago. She fought hard and long and was the bravest person in the face of extreme pain I have ever seen. I miss her terribly.

I honor both of these brave people.
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