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For 13 years

Posted on September 10 2015

For 13 years
Honestly I do not know where to start, Well my birthday is September 12th two more days until I'm 18. Sharing my story is the bravest thing I've done. I've been abused mentally , physical and emotionally for 13 years. By my own flesh and blood !!! my uncle when I was 4 and by My two older cousins on and off until the age of 16. Being sexually abuse caused me to be very depressed and suicidal. I’m not going to lie healing from sexual abuse takes time for instance I am good for a while but then something happens. It’s like a switch turns off somewhere. And each time it seems like I sink deeper and deeper and I’m scared. No I’m terrified that one day I will not make it back up. No one understands all the pain I went through physically, mentally and emotionally I’ve been pretending like everything was okay and never told anybody about the abused until march of 2015. I’m currently trying to heal from being abused over and over again for 13 years. It’s not easy I continue having many obstacles to overcome. Trust me I know what it’s like to let sexual abuse eat you alive. What I am going through is causing me to be depressed. I often wonder what my childhood would have been like if I was never abused. Growing up I always felt like society was abandoning me over and over again. My childhood was brutal and horrific because I witnessed things you should never see or feel as a child. I was robbed of my childhood, Sometimes I feel hopeless and miserable.
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