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Finding balance, I AM.

Posted on April 05 2017

Finding balance, I AM.
Here is a link to my story of my battle with Bipolar .

I was diagnosed in 2001 when I was 27 it helped me start to save my own life. I started to question if I was really a bad kid, because that is how I felt growing up. I used sports and music to help me get away from the dysfunction that surrounded me in my home environment. The problem with being diagnosed was that I was doing it for others. In 2010 I had an epiphany in which I asked myself is this all I have to offer myself and the world? Thankfully my answer was no. with a gym membership, a pair of running shoes and a hopeful heart and eventually a canon camera I started to allow myself to heal for myself. Today I live for me and share it with the world around me on my own terms in my own time. It's not easy but its healthy and worth it.


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