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Fight til u die

Posted on August 09 2012

My name is Priscilla Nannnga, i am from Santa Maria, California.. Being in the fitness lifestyle for 38 years has been a rewarding profession. In 1995 i was camping with my boyfriend at his cabin Memoral Weekend in 1995, i thought i was coming down with the bug, not sure, so with tons of friends and family attending the holiday, i didnt want to be a spoil sport, i tended to my friends, we bbq’d, fished, swam, and everyone was drinking, i couldnt even keep water down , i was living in the only restroom we had, and i didnt know what was going on with me, and since i was working for a medical facility, i figured, i would wait it out the whole weekend until the following Monday and ask the drs. to check me out, and give me something for the flu.. Monday came, i called the office ( Urgent -Care Facility), and told them i need to be seen before checking in to work, they said ok u can work the night shift.. i lived 20 miles away, i had someone take me home over the weekend, and when it was time to go t work, all it took was one look from the staff and dr. They said i looked gray and death and so they did an emergency lab work, as i lived in their restrooms, and waited for the results which showed an elevaed BUN, and sent me to another 20 miles north for an emergency appendicitis. I had to call my twin sister, and when the dr did a office exam, he did a direct admit for surgery. The operating room was waiting for me, but there was no iv to be put in my arm, i had a neonatal nurse assist, and after the iv, i was on my way to recovery.. i thought !!, the next day the dr came in to see me and told me that he did see something more than an appendicitis and referred me to a gastroenterologist. I was sent home after the appendicitis to recover and went to work until i had scheduled my appointment with my gastro, he did a sigmoid in the office and had confirmed what the first dr mentioned, so he scheduled a colonoscopy, and i was like ” ok”.. and when i consulted with my physian employers they said “CROHNS’, isnt a good diagnosis, i said i dont know but will find out after the colonoscopy. needess to say i didnt work until they would find out what was wrong with me.. so i had my identical twin sister drive me to the hospital and had the colonoscopy and it was painful, no matter how much versaid they gave me… i was a direct admit from may to august of 95, with a total patent nutrition ( tpn unit) and didnt eat for 3 months with a gut rest. i had just purchased a car and i lost it from being ill, i lost my aprtment from no job, i lost my job from being too sick. i lost my boyfriend due to no compassion.. i lost it all.. my two daughters were being raised by my mom, i lived far out of town and considered it long distance so i couldnt call them, i had to wait for them to call me. I was told i would never work a day in my life, my life was over.. i didnt believe them, i didnt want to hear it, im a personal fitness trainer, fitness consultant and nutritionist. i have people who lost compassion, and all my family due to being too ill. they said it was in my head.. and after awhile, i fought to live, i started walking everyday, would start slowly working out and lifting little 2 lbs weights, worked my way up to walking 5 miles a day and now i dedicate myself to those who cannot afford a peronal fitness trainer, fitness consultant or nutritionist. i know there is no cure, i can handle that, i been on every kind of medications, i can deal with that, but one thing i cannot deal with is being stuck at home with no one to call me to ask how i am doing, if i need anything? I gave god my life and the drs to this day say u have been doing really well.. what have you been doing? i said working out, walking, and educating myself on living a peaceful, loving life.. to this day, i have no friends from before, no family still disowned me, but that’s ok, i can deal with it.. I WILL FIGHT TIL THE DAY I DIE.. and i was 39 years old when i first got ill. I am now 57, and im living my life everyday with the side effects, which i can deal with. i now help those who need any guidance in the fitness lifestye.. and if i can do this… SO CAN YOU… I PRAY FOR ALL THAT ARE ILL. I KNOW WHAT PAIN IS, I KNOW WHAT SOCIETY DOES TO THE LIMITED .. IT’S NOT FUN, BUT WHAT IS FUN IS LIVING EACH DAY LIKE ITS YOUR LAST… GOD BLESS YOU ALL…
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