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Fergus Shall Live On!!

Posted on August 09 2015

This is a short story about a very adorable Wheaton Scottie Terrier named Fergus. He was diagnosed at age two with Lymphoma Cancer. We decided to do chemotherapy since he was so young he may have a chance to beat it. What was supposed to last only 6 months has been extended to a year now due to setbacks in blood work resulting in too low of white blood cells to accept chemo. He briefly went into remission in April, which lasted one month before all nodes showed edema again. He have tried every kind of Eastern and Western medicines and nothing is working. The lymphoma is winning. My boy is three now and nodes are not responding to anything and growing. Vet says we need to increase chemo to see if we can get some shrinkage. This has us tapped out monetarily. I have had two raffles before and a youcaring also. WE have collected about $2,400 over the year. A small but helpful dent. I have started to paint and making Scottie related things to sell to the Scottie community....but yet its hit or miss. Any help to share these bravelet's are one of our last hopes and even then...its all about this sweet young boys life reminder around mine and everyone's wrist as to how hard he has fount the battle against lymphoma. Thank You
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