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family devistations of MS

Posted on August 14 2012

My brother was diagnosed with MS several years ago in his 40′s only after many doctors and tests to finally have a answer. He eventually was placed in an assisted living facility to have the xtra help he needed to keep him independent as much as possible. In Febuary of 2012 he suffered a stroke brought on by a MS “flare-up” Thank God he is with us today, but is now placed in a skilled nursing facility. We are very thankful. He wakes up everyday and gives life his best, with the most positive attitude. My brother is a much needed positive part of my life, and gives me so much strength and actually shows me how to be “brave”. Our dear Sister Carolyn was not as fortunate with this terrible disease of MS. A few years ago,Carolyn came down with “flu-like” symptoms, after many many tests and hospitalization, Carolyn was also placed in a skilled facility,untill she passed in just a matter of months. Only after her passing were our questions answered, Carolyn had a rare form of MS of the brain. To this day I miss her with all of my heart. She was my best friend. We must find a cure for MS. I do know giving of one’s self to others in need (even just a simple smile) helps me to be brave, thank you for letting me share.


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