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Posted on October 28 2014

As a 14yr Breast Cancer Survivor, I thank Our Lord every day for just having another day to breathe. I know, that may sound silly, but, until you have gone through Surviving the big "C" as many still call it today, youy don't have a clue. No one can even come close to comprehending what the words: "You Have CANCER" does to a person...until it has,(I pray it NEVER does), happened to you. I refused to believe it..I went numb..I went into 'hiding' so to speak. I wasn't even thinking about myself, but, about my children, grandchildren..which, I only had one grandchild, at that only granddaughter (: Now I have a set of twin grandsons & the youngest..another boy!! When my son's were told, only two of them came over, but, when I went to give them hugs..that IS when it hit me the hardest(!!), because, they backed away as if I had the plague!! I didn't understand then, as I now do, the comes, in the reasons as to their reactions..I cried after they left for hours!! I do have to admit that going through this has made me a much more compationate person..a Stronger person..a person whom has re-aquainted herself to Our Lord in ways that I never knew was possible!! YES!! GOD Is Awesome!! Without my FAITH in Our Lord, I wouldn't be here today, for it is HE that gave man the ability to become 'Healers' just as HE Is!! My only dismay is the weight that I have gained in the past few yrs. I should be thankful, since I only weighed a whopping 90lbs. when I had cancer surgery! Yes, GOD is WONDERFUL!! My Blessings to ALL of you whom are..or have 'been there done that', too.....
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