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Posted on October 26 2013

My daughter sent me a link to this website. I think it is awesome that there is someone out there making the world aware of this deadly viral infection.

My husband was diagnosed with chronic hep c last year. His viral load was over 22 million..he went through 7 months of horrible treatment and was cleared around Thanksgiving. We were ecstatically happy! On his checkup in March of this year, his viral load had gone back up to over 2 million....his doctor and I quote: " I refuse to treat you again, its not going to do any good, you may as well learn to live with it. But, come back and see me in 6 months." REALLY??? It made my heart drop to the floor. It's not like a common cold and will go away on it's own, this is a life threatening disease..We have not been back to that doctor..

There are supposed to be new and improved drugs coming out "soon" they say, in our area...we are still waiting. My husband very plainly told me that he has lived with this all these years, and he's not in any way shape or form going back and redoing that treatment again...ever.He contracted his from a blood transfusion years ago before they tested for hep. c in the donors blood.  . I cannot make him do it. I wish I could. All I can do is pray for him every day that God will change his mind, or that the new meds. will be out soon and he will decide to go that route.

I am a very strong person...I am as he says " what keep this family going". But, I am tired...I am tired of watching my husband just...quit...all I can do is pray for him, and take care of him the best I can. I am disabled myself, so every day is struggle just to get out of bed sometimes...

But, I just wanted to say Thank you to the hep. c. association for making everyone aware of this tragic disease...God Bless You.
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