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Eye cancer

Posted on October 22 2012

When I was 3 months old. I was diagnosed with Ritten-In-Blastoma eye cancer in my right eye. When I went to my physician, Dr. Wuang he sent me to Columbus Children’s Hospital. There, I was diagnosed with the cancer. I went through Chemo and Radiation for 3 months. After that I no longer had cancer. But I still had a long road to go. A little while later I was officially blind in my right eye(The eye the cancer was in). Now. I am 12 going on 13 With ALOT of effect s from the cancer. Here is a few of them: I have to wear hearing aides because of the cancer, I have to wear glasses to protect my one and only good eye, the chemo rotted 6 of my teeth and I had to get 6 caps, and when I am about 16 I have to get plastic surgery so the docter’s can put implants in the back of my eye because when I had the cancer, the cancer rotted my eye socket out and now my eye is sinking back into my head. There are soooo many other effects from the cancer. Still today I have to go back regularly to get M.R.I’s on my head and get my eyes dialated to make sure nothing is coming back. If it wasn’t for Dr.Roger’s I might not be here today. Dr.Roger’s YOU ARE MY HERO!! I love you. My family also was a big effect because they were there with me through the whole thing:)


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