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Evo And Eli's Love Box and Sanctuary

Posted on March 21 2015

Evo And Eli's Love Box and Sanctuary
Evo and Elis Love Box Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization. We support rescues, shelters and fosters by sending out boxes of donated supplies, as well as through our mange program. In addition, we run an animal sanctuary, home to unadoptable dogs and cats, in Chambersburg, PA. Evo and Eli's Love Box was named after two dogs whose legacy we wanted to honor.

Evo and Eli, two very young dachshunds, were dumped at a shelter by a backyard breeder. He discarded them when he could not sell the dogs due to untreated demodex mange. Both Evo and Eli had scratched and itched so much that they had lost their hair and were covered in scabs. Georgeanne took them from the shelter and immediately started treatment. Slowly, but surely their hair started growing back. There were some bald spots, but the medicine and lots of love made a difference. No more scratching, and now they could focus on just being puppies! Evo and Eli were inseparable. They did everything together because of their special bond. If they could not see each other, they would cry and whine until they were reunited. If Evo had a vet appointment, Eli would have to come along. If he was left behind, he would destroy his crate pad and blanket and have bloody paws trying to get out of the kennel to find his brother. It was thought that Evo and Eli would, one day, be adopted to a furever family and spend their days being loved and cared for like they deserved. This would not be their fate.

Evo got sick very quickly and was taken to the vet. Georgeanne was told that he had an enlarged heart and was dying. It was a hard decision, but knowing that he was suffering, Georgeanne could only hold Evo and tell him he was a good boy, and that she loved him, while he crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on September 4, 2010. After Evo’s passing, Georgeanne wanted to do something in his memory. She thought of Evo’s Love Box, knowing that Evo and Eli had never had anything of their own before coming into rescue. They had only dreamed of a soft bed, collars and toys! Georgeanne thought it would be a great idea to collect items for other animals in need.

Meanwhile, Eli mourned for his brother for weeks. After Evo went to the Rainbow Bridge, Eli would not sleep or eat for 2 days. He was heartbroken as he looked daily for his brother. He would go to Evo’s crate, search for him in his old bed, on and behind the couch, and check every blanket in the room. Georgeanne continued to console Eli and tell him that his brother was not there, but Eli never gave up looking for him.

On December 31st at 1:30am, Eli woke Georgeanne. She assumed he might have to potty, so she picked him up to take him outside. As she carried Eli down the hallway, she could feel his heart beating fast. She thought he was excited to go outside. When they came back in, Eli went to bed with his foster mommy and daddy, but Georgeanne knew something wasn’t right because she could hear him breathing fast and heavy. She called her vet Dr. Shew, who send him to the Mountain View Animal Emergency Clinic. Eli was quickly evaluated, and Dr. Maria Ciaravella told Georgeanne the bad news – Eli had an enlarged heart just like his brother. The emergency vet tried to save him, but Eli was not responding to the treatment. Georgeanne again had to help another baby cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. During this terrible moment she was greeted by a warm smile: Dr. Heidi Mostoller had arrived, the same vet who had helped when Evo went to the Rainbow Bridge. Georgeanne told Eli that he was brave and very loved. And he was going to finally find his brother at the Rainbow Bridge.
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