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Evan's Story

Posted on September 25 2015

Our son Evan was born on March 14, 1987...our second son, we couldn't have been prouder to welcome him to our family. At age 6 months he started to have seizures, our hearts were aching not knowing what was wrong with our son. Evan was diagnoised with Autism around the age of 10, we always new he was autistic. He functioned fairly moderately, he was loved by EVERYONE. We loved our boy with all our hearts and souls, he gave us meaning to life. Evan was taken from us on August 24, 2014...Autism did not take him a brain bleed did. We miss him everyday and love him more then life. In memory of our beautiful son we will wear these bracelets. Evan gave us 27 fantastic years, he taught us so much. We love you our angel. Mom, Dad, Brother Brennen xoxoxo
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