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Posted on August 24 2015

This is my daughters story...there are so many words...BRAVE, queen, love, laughs, friendship, fight, support...Erin is missed...she will continue to be missed and I can't think of a single word that would make things right...but Erins story about being BRAVE helps make my dealing with the loss of her (here in the physical world) a little more manageable. I bought a few of the Be Brave bracelets for some of her friends that helped me with the New York celebration of Erins life in March when she passed...
Since then there has been a three day celebration in California and my budget would not allow me to give Be Bold bracelets to all that helped...I wish I could so I thought a link to your site might encourage others to help support efforts to help find a cure and act as a reminder of Erin and all the good she shared.

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