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Encouragment for a Brave Mom

Posted on July 17 2012

This is for my aunt. Her name is Londy (Shalonda). I want to tell her story but I cant say that I know every thought she’s had, I don’t know every doubt she’s, or every night she might have cried silently, I dont know when she stresses out or thinks that she can’t do it, and I dont know exactly how much of a burden she has to bare, but I want her to know that I see her trying, and I understand. My aunt has 5 children, all of whom are funny,witty,and at the least entertaing, she adores them.The last of her five children AJ, was diagnosed with autism. I know some of you have already written him off, but not her. She got him into therapy, and began to painstakingly figure out ways to communicate to him, he went from saying nothing, to learning how to vocalize he wants as well as his needs. She went through hell and back for her baby, and it because of her AJ even has the chance to succeed! My aunt is now a full time student at UNCC,while juggling therapy appoinments and the lives of four other children. I want her to know she is doing a GREAT JOB, and I know that things may get scary sometimes, and she might not be able to see whats going to happen, and she might get worried, BUT I want her to BE BRAVE! Keep Calm and Carry On…..even though the road is long. I am your biggest fan!


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