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Early Onset Parkinsons Disease

Posted on September 27 2012

To my surprise last March 2011 I was diagnosed with EOPD at 49 years old. After experiencing 8 years of what appeared to be perimenopausal symptoms including, fatigue, anxiety and night sweats then bouts of diverticulitis to a colon resection to horrible unexplained back pain, then micrographia, then screaming and running., pinching and poking in my sleep to finally walking and moving.stiffly, little arm swing and dragging my right leg slightly.
The trials of doctors, medications, tests, alternative therapies all the while maintaining my role as a mother, wife, and therapist holding down a fulltime job has been the ultimate challlenge. My voice has become soft and hoarse at times and i have difficulty with the simplist things, washing my hair, shaking spices,brushing my teeth and bottoning small buttons. Thank God for Sonicare, battery operated scalp massagers and facial cleansers and the iphone and ipad!
Life is a challenge and I always say everyday you get a little good and a little bad. Im trying to be optomistic and a role model for those around me that you dont have to be what you have you can be yourself and have something that challenges youand forces you to be a stronger morenresilliant person than you ever thought youd be faced with…i cant wait for my bravlet to come to remind me how brave I am!


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