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Early diagnosis with bloodtest

Posted on February 14 2012

I have had several on my relatives to lose their life to cancer. My mother passed away in 1991 due to colon cancer. As a result, I have had regular colonoscopies every since. My last one was in October of 2009. My brother and I scheduled one for the same day and we were both clean. Last January, I asked my gynocologist about the bloodtest to check for ovarian cancer. She had them done for me. A week later she called me to come in for the results. The bloodtest showed that I was ok for ovarian cancer, but that showed positive for colon cancer. Since I had just had a colonscopy a year and a half before and was not due to have another for three and a half more years, she said it was probably a fluke, but to see my internalist to be sure. My internalist thought the same, but suggested I have another colonscopy to be safe. The colonoscopy revealed that I did have two very small polyps and when the results came back, they were cancer. I had surgery a week later and the surgeon removed 15 inches of my colon. I went home after 6 days, but had to return to the hospital due to a small infection the next week. They removed the infection with a needle through my side.
I was fine then and did not have to have any chemotherapy or radiation. I am have to have a colonoscopy every year now and it is now time for one. I wish I could just have the bloodtest as that saved my life. It would have been three and a half years before I would have had another and by that time the cancer would have spread. This bloodtest needs to be made aware to everyone. It is a lifesaver.


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