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DVT for the 4th

Posted on April 16 2015

On July 6th 2007 I was getting ready for work. It was a Friday and we were going camping later in the day. My left thigh hurt like I had pulled a muscle. I limped all day and people asked me what was wrong. I didn't know. We went to the lake and Saturday when I woke up I could hardly walk. I was in so much pain. We went out on the boat and stayed at our beach. The pain got worse and I wanted to go back to camp. I was really nauseated and had thrown up water. When I got back I lay on the cool grass with my legs up on a chair. I thought a shower would help. That night as everyone came back I just sat. I couldn't eat or drink. The next moring I crawled out of bed to go use the restroom. It took ever ounce I had to get there. I thought I was going to die and made a mental note to make sure my legs were pointing out of the stall so someone would find me. I limped back to camp and woke my husband. I told him there's something wrong we need to go to the hospital. It took a while but we got things loaded and left. By the time we got to the hospital my leg was red, hot and swollen. My foot was purple. They checked me right in. The nurse couldn't get a needle in my arm because I was so dehydrated and she had to use a baby needle. I had an ultrasound that proved the ER Doc correct. I had a blood clot. I was put in a room and not allowed to stand for any reason. I was given mass drugs I don't even know to this day but I was very sick for three days. I was in the hospital for 5 days and the doctor explained to me and my family that I could die if a clot broke off and went to my heart lungs or brain. It upset us all. He made it clear as the ER doc did " no more birth control"! I had lost a lot of weight just over the week this all happened. The pain was the worst I ever felt. It's been almost 8 years and it's been INR done every three weeks. A vascular surgeon did a cat scan and said I had no blood flow and would be on Warfarin for life. I have a lot of pain and swelling daily. I had gotten really depressed in the early months and went on anti anxiety and depression pills. They really helped. I now spread the news of this deadly disease. I had been on a long car trip a few months prior and my grandma had had blood clots. So I had the trifecta. I'm glad God kept me alive. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.


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