Dream loudly, Pray soflty, Listen deeply... – Bravelets

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Dream loudly, Pray soflty, Listen deeply...

Posted on August 02 2013

Dream loudly, Pray soflty, Listen deeply...
It's too long...the pain, the story, I'm exhausted with words and feelings. So I shared my journey of childhood sexual and physical abuse...on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles in poetry and prose form. I've walked a long journey to be where I am today. I continue to deal and maintain my PTSD....and the struggle to feel alive deep inside..its like an eternal death...I saw this website on Face Book and wrote to them about sexual abuse survivors...there was no category for us silent sufferers from this malady in our society, and Bravelets added sexual assualt, I wish they would say childhood abuse....it's a lingering life effect...But I am still here....living the best life I can.....
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