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Don't Quit

Posted on April 26 2016

I was in good shape for my age of 44. I worked 2 jobs and kept very active. It all started with a pain in my right shoulder
area. I just thought a pinched nerve, no big deal, so I went to a chiropracter. He adjusted me, cracked my neck, rubbed my shoulder with Bio-Freeze. After a few weeks of this, a vein in the front of my neck began to stick out. He referred me to get a ct scan. The results? A large mass on the upper right lung, pressing on the nerves and on the jugular vein. Biopsy done, yes, lung cancer! My family, friends and I went into overdrive! We will do whatever it takes to beat this!
I started radiation and chemo, then a petscan. Only a month has gone by and the doctor tells us to get your affairs in order, nothing more they can do. Well I am not one to lay down and quit. I have since had, lung surgery, more chemo and
another form of radiation. The last radiation killed the nerve in my right arm. I had to try everything to kill this disease
living inside of me. I had my arm amputated a few years ago, it was no longer useful. But, I am still here! Alive and doing well. It has been 9 yrs since I was diagnosed, and I will continue to fight! Be Brave and Live!
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