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Diabetes can be a Slam Dunk

Posted on January 31 2016

My son Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2011 at age 11. While initially devastated, we knew we would not let diabetes limit or define him. Jack worked hard on learning as much as he could so he could back to doing everything he loved to do before diagnosis. Jack really didn't let diabetes limit him, but then basketball season started. Jack was consistently going low during basketball games. He would have to sit out until his blood sugars were back to normal, often missing half the game. Add to that constantly explaining himself to teammates and parents, he was getting upset and frustrated. He didn't want anyone's pity, he just wanted to play and feel normal again. Diabetes was unfortunately winning. We went online to find anything that could help and that is when we found the Slam Dunk Basketball Camp for kids with diabetes. This is a free, non profit basketball camp that was out of Illinois for kids with type 1 or 2 diabetes. We are from Wisconsin, but thankfully the camp was open to anyone from anywhere. We went to the 2012 Rockford Slam Dunk Basketball Camp. Not only did my son learn how to manage basketball with his diabetes, he was able to learn he was not alone. He was in a camp with 60 other kids who knew exactly what he was going through. So impressed that my son didn't miss a single minute of basketball due to a low blood sugar that 2012 basketball season, I asked how we can get this camp to Wisconsin. With the help from the Chicago Slam Dunk staff and generous grant from NovoNordisk, we were able to have our first camp in Milwaukee in 2013. This will be our fourth year here in Milwaukee and I am proud that now my son will volunteering and assisting helping kids with diabetes at this camp. This camp is only possible through the generous donations we receive from the community. So not only can you have a beautiful piece of jewelry but also help support our camp so we can continue to help kids just like my son Jack!
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