Dedicated to my mom Chris Fifer (you are free) RIH – Bravelets

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Dedicated to my mom Chris Fifer (you are free) RIH

Posted on December 28 2014

Dedicated to my mom Chris Fifer (you are free) RIH
I was diagnosed in 2014 with Cadasil and my life is forever changed..I am 38 and feel like I'm 98...I'm a wife of 15yrs to my best friend and been together for 20..high school sweethearts and we have a beautiful 12 old all of us Cadasilians know that We all struggle everyday and sometimes hr to hr.. I want to encourage all of you to just be you and tell this disease to step aside. I know I know easier said than done.. I put my Faith in Jesus and I pray for all of us.. I recently had to be by my beautiful moms side for the past few weeks where I witnessed her have her like 11th stroke where it paralyzed her from neck down and she couldn't even swallow.. I being a nurse decided to be by her side and give her meds every hr and turn her from side to side every 2 hrs...she could barely speak and only communicate thru her eyes... As her failing body was under attack from Cadasil she reminded to be strong and smile..we will all be free one day in HEAVEN and will no longer I will try everyday to be strong till my last breath in honor of her... She was only 63 and Cadasil robbed her life at age of 35...she never gave up and I will not either..I will be as strong as her to my daughter till my last breath.. My husband continues to stay by my side and be my biggest support.. I'm Blessed.. So I wanna tell all my Cadasilians to be blessed be strong and we can beat this.. We may have Cadasil but Cadasil doesn't have us
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