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Death of Dad = Anger or Dertermination?

Posted on April 03 2016

Death of Dad = Anger or Dertermination?
When my dad was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia we rallied together as a family. The doctor told us that it was the best worse news possible because my dad would easily beat this, that gave us hope. Treatments started and shortly after blood transfusions started. My dad spent countless days in the hospital but he was positive throughout it all. Months later we were told he was in remission. We all celebrated. My dad even went back to work for a short period of time. Not many months later he wasn't feeling well again. After some tests and scans we were told the CLL was rearing its ugly head again. This time the doctor was a little less optimistic. Treatments started again but my dad's body was tired by this time and it didn't take well to the treatments. 4 years ago my dad passed away from something that the doctor was sure he would beat. I was angry! I was angry at the doctor but I was also mad at my dad because I was worried that he gave up. When he passed away he was in a comma and I was unable to say goodbye. After a month or so of being angry I realized that it was not helping anyone around me with their grieving process. I turned my anger into determination and signed up for Light the Night with the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. For 3 years now I spent majority of my time trying to raise as much money as possible for LLS. In 2015 I raised over $3,000! I never thought I would ever raise that amount of money. Now it is 2016 and I have a big goal to reach because anything less will be disappointing. My main goal of raising money and walking with LLS is in hopes of cures being found so that other daughters don't have to lose their dad to similar diseases.
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