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Dealing with Parkinson's

Posted on October 24 2013

Dealing with Parkinson's
Hi my name is Anna Costa. In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.   I have gone thru this disease with my mother who had it for 15 years and passed away in 2005. My symptons started when I was 48 yrs old with a pain in my right arm. Then the tremors followed. My handwriting was small and cramped. Also I lost the swing in my arm. So when the doctor told me that I have Parkinson's, I was devasted and crushed. Remembering my mother's suffering made me extremely upset. My husband comforted me and said that Parkinson's affects people differently. My mother never execised but I do. I heard that exercising helps slow down the progression. I take each day one at a time and try to remain  positive.   



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