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Dallas Bryan

Posted on May 12 2015

Dallas Bryan
I know that not everyone is comfortable sharing something like this, but as part of my grief and my healing process, I need to. It just doesn't seem right for me not to celebrate this little life....

On December 3, 2014 at our 12 week check up, an ultrasound diagnosed our baby with Fetal Hydrops (extra fluid all over the body & organs). We were immediately seen by a specialist at Sacred Heart Hospital to confirm the diagnosis and had genetic testing done. 10 days later the results showed our baby had Trisomy 18 - Edwards Syndrome. Dan & I are not carriers of any genetic disorders, this just happened at conception---the 18th chromosome tripled. Every case is different and this syndrome affects the major organs of the body. We were told our baby's condition was severe and he would most likely pass away within 2 weeks.

We prayed for complete healing in his body, knowing it could be here on earth or in heaven. We did not want our baby to suffer and prayed for God's will. This was so difficult. We were in shock and couldn't believe this was happening, especially after having a "normal" first pregnancy and healthy baby.

I was blessed to feel him move early on around Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful because I was able to monitor his movements. We were seen each week after the diagnosis for an ultrasound and his heart was beating strong at 152 bpm at both appointments. We were able to see him moving around and kicking his legs just like everything was normal and working perfectly, even though there was extra fluid all over his little body.

Around Dec 17th I felt like I wasn't feeling him move as often. I guess there really is something real about a mother's intuition. On December 19th, we went in for an ultrasound which confirmed his little heart had given out.

We were blessed to find out the baby was a boy and we named him Dallas Bryan Cooper.

The grief comes in waves and the longing to hold baby Dallas will never go away, but we know he is whole and healthy in heaven, and we will see him there someday!
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