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Courageous Fight with GBM-4 Brain Cancer

Posted on August 09 2012

My husband of 40+ years spent the last 21 months of his life fighting very hard to beat GBM-4 Brain Cancer. It finally won!
He fought in Viet Nam, came home, raised 3 girls and was never sick. Then in Jan. 2010, we noticed he was not feeling well, it went on until March when I got him in to see our doctor. She ordered MRI and on March 15, 2010, our lives were changed forever. GBM-4 Brain Cancer, we’d never even heard of it.His dreams of retiring in May 2010 were gone. The best we could do for him is make one of his other dreams come true, so the girls and their husbands, put together a benefit golf tournament at his home course so he could go play Pebble Beach in California. So in July 2010, after tumor growth and his 1st of 4 Gammaknife, we went to Pebble Beach and he had a wonderful time playing golf there, then went on down to San Diego and he played Torrey Pines. He is greatly missed, was the “Rock” of our family.
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