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Colon Cancer

Posted on December 12 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? My one brother was put in the hospital...quad muscke separated from knee. He crawled out of the woods in his back yard about 1 mile. He went to the hospital. I went to Vt. to help my parents. Brother was airlifted to another hospital...but as soon as he left his ICU room...I went into his same room with septic cellulitis! After I was there for a few days...I ended up going to another different hospital. So 2 of my parent's kids were in different hospitals...both 2 hours away. My other brother then started having problems with his heart and went to the hospital. Our name was pretty well known by then. My parents stayed very strong throughout the whole thing. They could have lost all three of us within a couple of weeks. They both kept us going and made us strong. They would take turns going to tge hospitals to see us...even though they are in theur 80's. I love them both and believe they kept us from ever giving up...which the 3 of us could easily have done. I would love to add my father's name to this...William Blindow.
Thank You
Kendall (Blindow) Carro
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