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Collins PHight

Posted on March 12 2016

Collins PHight
February 22, 2011 Collin, a once healthy, athletic 9 year old had become strickened with something mysterious. After going to doctor after doctor, specialists and hospitalizations, counselors and numerous tests done, Collin no longer was afraid of needles, it became his new normal. Diagnoses from one extreme to another were given and leaving the family feeling hopeless. When December 2012 came around, Collin, a beautiful gift from God was at home dying. Collin was life flighted where the family had learned that Collin has pulmonary hypertension. It wasn't until a lung biopsy January 29, 2013, that the family learned that the type of pulmonary hypertension that Collin has is PVOD (pulmonary veno occlusive disease). Collin is very sick with an incurable, and the rarest form of pulmonary hypertension. He's on several medicines to help with his quality of life. Their is no cure and the only means of ridding this disease is to trade it for another via a double lung transplant. A child that once laughed and smiled and had a love for everything was now sick and had everything ripped away from him. His life, nor the families was to ever be the same. This is their journey.
Our goal is to spread awareness for pulmonary hypertension. We need your help to bring this to the forefront of medical research. This disease needs funding. This disease needs pediatric approved medicines and most importantly, this disease needs a cure.
Collin lost this phight February 21, 2016. His mom, dad and sister have stood by Collin every day and they will continue to love, miss and memorialize him.
The love and bond that this family has is strong and a testimony of how to overcome adversity.
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