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Clash with Crohn's Disease

Posted on October 22 2012

My name is Kristi, I live in Arizona. When i was 16 i was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. When I was first diagnosed, my parents and I had no clue just how bad i had it. When i Turned 17 in november 2010 my Crohn’s became extremely difficult to live with. I couldn’t eat anything without writhing in pain afterwards. I started loosing weight and soon stop eating all together. I was giving up on myself. No treatments were working, not a diet had helped. I had been in and out of the hopsital over a half dozen times by May 2011. Upon my final visit in May the sent me to los Angeles to see a specialist who broke the most horrifying news to me. At the age of 17 i was the worste case of Crohn’s she had ever seen and i needed surgery as soon as possible. At the end of July 2011 i had my first surgery which removed 9 inches of my intestines. Just 2weeks later at the beginning of August i had a second surgery to fix an intestinal leak that accured where they reconnected my intestines.I am nearly 19 now and i have been healthy for a little over a year now but my disease is lifelong. I know sometime in my future things are going to go wrong again but until then, I’m going to hold my heaad up high and smile because i made it.
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