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Posted on September 18 2015

Smart. Observant. Funny. Kind. Artistic.

Meet Cate.

On Aug. 7, our daughter Cate was diagnosed with B Cell-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego. It is hard to comprehend our active, funny, feisty five year old was learning to surf in the California sunshine days before her life altering diagnosis.

We were stunned. In one moment, the Life you once knew … would be no more.

Our precious girl is gearing up for quite a battle. Her medical team believes her outlook is hopeful, but her treatment plan is going to be a long 2.5 year journey. Those who know Cate recognize her feisty warrior princess spirit will undoubtedly carry her through this challenging time. But we have been told to expect the unexpected -- often by taking two steps forward and one step back.

We know how much we love Cate. Our children are our ultimate love affair. No words even exist in the English language to adequately describe the pure joy and ultimate honor it has been raising our three children. Cate being the middle and only girl does make her our principessa.

Knowing how much she is loved outside our family by godmothers, friends, teachers, business colleagues, and complete strangers help anchor us though this journey. Please, please continue to pray for her. Pray for her to fight this heinous disease that has invaded her little body and steals her sparkle.

What will Cate's story be? What will her journey hold? No one knows but Him. But we believe He has our daughter in the palm of His hand. At her baptism, I clearly remember the priest saying "She IS a child of God." This I know for sure. And while we might be tested, Cate might be tested … we have to have faith, hold steady, be patient, strong and brave while on this road.

Cheryl Strayed once wrote "You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.”

Warrior for love. Yes …and to battle we bravely go…together for Cate ...our daughter, their sister, their granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, best friend, classmate and student.

Cate has demonstrated her bravery time and time again in the face of this battle thus far. Team #CateStrong has decided to armor up and show our support of her. We are raising money for Cate's medical fund. This fund is exclusively and solely used for all needs regarding her healing and recovery … prescriptions, co-payments, outpatient appointments, physical therapy, medical equipment, etc.

Be Brave for our warrior princess! And help her get back to those surfing lessons! Onward! #Catestrong

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…. Team #CateStrong and her dog, Sam
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