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Cancer sucks!

Posted on October 02 2014

Cancer sucks!
My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor on April 16, although we suspected cancer it was confirmed on April 24 the day of our brain surgery--anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 (I am using the plural pronoun, because we are a team). We did well through 6 weeks of daily radiation and oral we have 1 year of monthly IV Chemo. But we are now suffering from swelling in the brain which is causing stroke symptoms. He is having trouble speaking, walking, using his left arm and remembering. But we have strong faith in Christ and know we are not forsaken. We have strong support from our family and church family. Although this valley is dark and deep, we know we win in the end. We are buying Bravelets for everyone in our family, to help support research so others won't have to go through this. We are brave because of Christ's faithfulness to his people.
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