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Cancer fighting

Posted on May 06 2017

Cancer fighting

My name is Julie Ding. I am 30 years old. Recently I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer on my right kidney. The cancer was detected about a month ago when I had gone for an annual exam for chronic health issues. My blood results came back abnormal. Since symptoms of kidney cancer was very similar to the chronic pain and fatigue I was suffering from we didn't not realize it sooner . With this gofundme campaign, I am asking for your support in raising money to help pay for my medical debts and to help me fight this cancer.

It is currently estimated that I have a 53% chance of survival, but whatever the numbers are, I plan to beat this. I have a strong will to live and I will fight this cancer with everything I’ve got.

I lost my healthcare insurance when I became unable to work because of my failing health including chronic pain, fatigue and recent news of needing a lumbar fusion. As a result, I have accumulated debts that I are beyond my means. I have been working very hard to get on medicare but have not received any responses each time I have applied. The specialist I am with and the program currently also does not accept Medicare. I am still reapplying for Medicare , for medical expenses unrelated to the cancer and applying for disability. This site is one of the last places I can go to to ask for help. I have a very small family. My parents are 60 years old and although they are helping me in every way possible, they have limited resources.

Because of my fragile state, removal of the tumor is a higher risk than usual, so the decision was made to start a type of chemo therapy specifically for advanced kidney cancer. This medication has very powerful side effects and it is usually not recommended unless the benefits outweigh them. This Treatment uses chemo like medication specially designed for advanced cancer called Torisel, which is administered via IV once a week. Unfortunately, this treatment is expensive. It is currently about 16k for each session and I am receiving a total of 6 sessions so far.

I truly appreciate that you have took the time to read this and want to thank you even if you can't donate. For any questions you are free to contact me on here and I can provide you with a phone or email address. I am thankful for any type of support I receive because it makes me realize how much people care. This has given me hope to keep fighting hard.

Below is a general list of medical expenses that I have paid for by credit card, when i had no insurance within the last couple months.

1. MRIs of different areas, CT scan, ultrasound, biopsy, blood tests and other various tests . $6000-7000.
2. Torisel Chemotherapy (discounted)- $1,675. I currently have an account at the treatment center to accumulate my expenses to be paid off eventually.

3. ER trip cause by a health emergency.

So far, my total bill including the ER trip has totaled to about $15,000 to date. My specialist and treatment center does not take Medicare. I am trying my best to pay for what I can. I have also applied to charity care however I am not sure if they will cover it or even if I will be accepted. Right now with that and my living expenses I really do not know what to do and how to pay for any of it. That is why I am asking for your help.

About me: I'm 30 years old. My parents and I came to the US when I was 5. I am fluent in both English and Chinese. I am college graduate with a degree in Business Admin concentrating on Sales and Marketing. During that time I had worked two jobs to pay for my tuition. Afterwards I worked as a project manager until my health made me unable to continue to work. Now the only job I have is to beat this cancer.

With deep gratitude and hope for the future,
Julie Ding
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