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Cailee's Fight for Sight

Posted on December 01 2015

Cailee's Fight for Sight
My beautiful blue eyed daughter Cailee was born with a smile on her face. Tiny as can be, 6 weeks early, feisty and ready to face any challenge. We learned when she was 18 months old, like her brother just before her, she was extremely far sighted. I was feeling a tug at my gut and took her for a second opinion. The second doctor noticed that Cailee had something very wrong with both of her retinas and sent us immediately to a retinal specialist. Within a very short amount of time, Cailee had her first of many laser eye surgeries. The first year was very hard on all of us. My sweet girl was having routine examinations every 30 days where she would have her eyes dilated and go through rigorous exams and evaluations and every 60 days she was having more laser.
Cailee was finally diagnosed with a very rare genetic eye disease called Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR). It affects the growth and development of her blood vessels in the retinas in her eyes. It has left her with complications such as low vision, little depth perception, retinal folds, macular holes, and hemorrhages. Cailee also has 2 forms of strabismus and amblyopia. Her eyes are quite complicated.

We began early intervention with Cailee at the age of 3 when she started preschool. She attends school with her brothers and so we asked for a few accommodations to ensure her safety. The school painted all the curbing and the playground equipment stairs and drop off points with yellow paint do Cailee could see them as a warning to step up, down or over. The poles on the playground are also padded. Cailee began orientation and mobility training at school and received a cane to learn how to become more acquainted with the technique needed to use one. At the age of 4 Cailee started to learn Braille as a second form of reading and writing as well as using tools and devices such as magnifiers and large print books. Her school has been such a great place for her to grow and learn all of her resources that she may need to depend more on someday.

After one of Cailee's surgeries she looked at me and said "momma, girls are tough!" and so that became our motto for everything! She truly believes in the power of purple, love, family and girls are tough! I have never met someone so happy and so willing to love. I aspire to be just like her every day! She rarely fusses, complains or is down and yet has so many reason to. Her middle name "JOY" is so fitting and describes her completely.

We are Super excited that you can now wear your PURPLE POWER, "Girls Are Tough" and show your support for not just Cailee, but for VISION AWARENESS!

Cailee is a 6 year old bursting ball of energy, with a never ending song flowing from her lips. She is always ready and able to arm you with a smile and has done so since birth. She is a fighter like none have ever met before... always up for a challenge and a "girls are tough" attitude!

FEVR is a lifelong disease that requires long-term, regular examinations and intervention. There is NO cure and No treatment. Cailee just had her 5th laser surgery on both of her eyes.

Join us in wearing our PURPLE and share to raise awareness with these beautiful bracelets! You can follow Cailee and join us in support so many other families who face vision impairment on Cailee's Corner on facebook and Girls Are Tough on Instagram.

All of the donations we receive from Bravelets purchases go to VisionQuest 20/20 a non-profit organization dedicated to children's vision.
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