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Breast Cancer, Amputee

Posted on September 01 2014

Breast Cancer, Amputee
I had DCIS Breast Cancer Stage 0 in my left Breast in 2000. I went through a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery of my left breast which all cancer was removed and I had to take tamoxifen for 5 years. I have been Cancer free now for 24 years. in 2005 I went in for what I thought was a normal surgery {Total Knee Surgery}. While in the hospital I developed complications and contracted an infection call seriatia. I had to have the total knee appliance removed 3 times due to this infection. The infection lead me through several other surgeries which got to the point it was my leg or my life and I chose my life. January 1, 2007 my left leg was amputated and I been learning to walk ever since. I can now walk on a cane. I also Had complications with a benign tumor on my spine which has cause complications as well. But I am strong will and determined and I have overcome all of my obstacles and plan to walk in the Making Strides Against Breast cancer Walk 3.2 mile on my prosthetic leg in Pensacola FL October 25, 2014 and Raise money for my Favorite Cause: American Cancer Society. I am very Thankful I am able to be able to walk in this years walk.
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