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Breast Cancer

Posted on December 13 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? My twin sister was diagnos with breast cancer this year. She has 2 kids one married and the other one in school. I am so proud of her she is very strong her life has been a roller coaster. She was married divorce a single parent then she fell in love with a guy who only thinks of himslf. she works 2 jobs when she was a single mom, bought a house and always has a nice car. Then my oldest sister had a stroke and she made sure that she wa taken care of. and then I had a stroke and she was there for me. then i had a heart attack and again she was there. and then my brother had cancer and she would go doown to the hospital with him for his treatment. and then I had cancer and she was there again. no matter how busy she was she always made sure she could be the for her family. and then she has breast cancer and the man she is married to now just is not there for her at all. and doesn't want her family around to help her. She takes care of her grand kids, and son. if they need anything she will help them. she is to me th most brave person i know. I would like to see her get a bravelet bracelet because she deserves to be a little happiness.
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