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Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence

Posted on May 23 2014

Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence
My journey with handbags of hope started after my grown brothers suicide. His death was brought on by another vicious arguement with our father. I don't know what was said but I know from growing up that words were stronger than punches. My brother struggled his entire life to be a man. Instead he became a mini of my dad. Never having a healthy relationship with a woman . He was dependant on my folks, never given the tools to succeed. Every handbag we gift is an empowerment tool for a woman who's taking back her life. Many of our bags have a personal message of encouragement or prayer inside. A woman's purse is one of our most personal of possessions , it keeps our life in order. Handbags of Hope also advocates for the verbal, mental and finanancial abuse that plagues our communites. Many of us see it everyday but choose to ignore it. It's full of shame and embarrassment. I broke the chain of abuse with my husband and daughters. My husband of 32 years is Gods blessing. I never excepted my fathers ridicule, demeaning words or beliefs about womens roles. I operate this organization with my bestfriend since age 11. She's a survivor from an abusive marriage. We operate 90% on donations of gently used & new purses, wallets and cosmetic bags. Donations of hairbrushes, manicure sets, chap stick, tissues, memo pads and travel size toiletries. We create a purse she just needs to add her ID to it. Neither of us receive compensation for our mission. The thank you notes we have confirming the empowerment each bag gives is enough. Since 2007 we've gifted 17,000 purses across the state of Michigan. We're independantly funded relying on schools, women's groups, churches, businesses and individuals for support.  You can find out more about us on Face book or We wre also featured in People magazine online under Hero's Among Us.  Your support helps break the silence of domestic violence.
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