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Brave for my Dad

Posted on November 05 2012

Being brave is something that has been instilled in me since a young age. In 2006, my father had a grand mal seisure caused by a brain tumor we had no idea was even there. This is when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had massive surgery to remove the tumor in September, on my 15th birthday. After 9 months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, his cancer became terminal, and he passed away, just 3 months before my 16th birthday. It has by far been the hardest loss in my life, and at age 21 it still affects me today. On my 18th birthday, I decided to get a tattoo reading “Be Brave” on my left ankle, to remind me of not only how brave I was and still am, but how brave my father was to endure what he did. After finding bravelets just 2 days ago, I have already ordered by brain cancer bravelet and cannot WAIT to receive it. It will be another reminder, along with my tattoo, that no matter what happens in life, it is important to always BE BRAVE.
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