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Brain Cancer

Posted on December 12 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? Mona, my mom, just lost her soul mate, my stepdad, to grade IV glioblastoma right before Thanksgiving. While her husband was suffering the end stages of his brain cancer, she never left his side. She is brave because she had to watch and care for her husband while he was slowly progressing through the end stages of his cancer. She did all this while taking care of her four kids, two who are in grade school, one who is in the military, and me, who is attending college. Right now my mom, Mona, has ben working extra hours, mostly second and third shift just to support her family, who is on one income now rather than two. Things have been particularly hard this holiday season with the money shortages and, above all, not having the love of her life be here this holiday season. She is truly brave and strong and I am proud to call her my mom.
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