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Brain Cancer

Posted on December 12 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? want to nominate my friend Michelle Williams. She is a mom of 3, selfless, works full time, married, keeps her household running and is beating brain cancer. Everyday. She comes into work with a positive, I can do attitude. I hope to be 1/2 the woman she is and she is 10 years younger than me. I am truly blessed to know,her and to have her in my life. She inspires me and has helped me through my brain surgery, really she has went through three. Every time she gets up, she seems to stumble. But you would never know that of you didn't know her. Her only sign is her beautiful bald head. The only thing she has wanted is one of these bravelets but has too many bills to spend money on this. She would also spend money on everyone but herself. She is truly a inspiration to everyone woman, mom and brain cancer survivor. She means the world to me. ?U shell.
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