Bought this bravelet right after my surgery & diagnosis – Bravelets

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Bought this bravelet right after my surgery & diagnosis

Posted on August 11 2014

Bought this bravelet right after my surgery & diagnosis

I had surgery on June 30th to remove some cysts on my ovaries. Much to my surprise (and my surgeon's), they spotted extensive endometriosis and scarring, which had to be excised. Four hours later, I was off the table and on my way to recovery. I'd never heard of Endometriosis, nor had any idea that the daily pain I was feeling wasn't *normal*. It's now 6 weeks post-op, and I feel better and better every day, but have been nervous about my pending treatments and prognosis. All of that anxious energy had to go somewhere, so it went to researching my new-found disease, looking for other women who have it in my local area, and finding ways that I can 1) combat it myself and 2) combat it by funding research efforts. I cannot thank you enough for creating these Bravelets. I purchased the original yellow bracelet with the leather throng and silver "be brave" wrap. I love it so much. When I get anxious, I just look down, and there it is, subtle and beautiful, reminding me that I am not alone and everything will be okay because I can endure... Looking forward to fundraising further and leading people to your site and products, not just for Endometriosis, but for ANY cause they may be facing in their lives. Yours, Lisa

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