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both moms

Posted on September 12 2014

I lost a wonderful mother-in-law to dementia, and a few years later I lost my best friend, my mother to alzheimer's , and years before her mother as well, this is one suffering death as I may state, cause once this sets in, they are in so many ways gone from the life as you have known them to be and as to what they in the first stages don't want to acknowledge either Please, if you see any kind of change in someone that you know and love that is anyway different or out of the ordinary when you see this over and over again within just maybe a month, Please say something, to hell with what others might say, (etc., or awh, there isn't anything wrong with them, just gettin' old that's just life"), that kinda of stuff, well I noticed and I asked my mom when she was gonna go to the doctor and see about her, and her reply was, when we get your daddy better, ( he just went thru a cancer surgery which pulled thru remarkably well), she knew then and we all noticed things about her, and no-one said a word about getting help I guess afraid of what my father might say, don't EVER BE AFRAID ABOUT SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT THINK OR SAY, JUST DO IT!
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