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Bocker the Labradoodle

Posted on July 18 2015

Bocker the Labradoodle
Even as a very young pup, Bocker the Labradoodle pondered on where his life would lead, what was his purpose in life. Bocker started his career at a very young age. Bocker has worked as a model for fashion advertising campaigns, television commercials and movies. He is one busy doodle and is known and loved by friends and fans worldwide (numbering close to three-quarters of a million followers on Facebook alone). Bocker, the cuddly, omnipresent and homeless animal-supporting Labradoodle can be found bringing joy doing his therapy work, or fundraising for those less fortunate. Bocker is always ready to lend a helping paw. A long time champion of animal welfare, child advocacy and volunteerism, Bocker continues to inspire young and old with his generosity of spirit towards humankind and his fellow fur folk. His story is a wonderful example of how compassion and random acts of kindness can truly make a difference in the lives of humans and animals alike. Diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2014, Bocker continues to raise awareness and lend support to others going through a "bump in the road" . No matter how large or small.
Bocker has completed his 25-week chemotherapy program. There have good days and others
where the future did not seem so bright. With an incredible medical team and the love, prayers and support that Bocker has received from his many friends and followers, in our hearts, we know that Bocker will be fine and continue to raise awareness and be there to support and be a source of inspiration to all those whose lives he touches. He has been a blessing to so many and his work is not done.
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