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Being Brave for My Kids

Posted on September 26 2017

Being Brave for My Kids
Hi, I'm Tina. Nurse Tina, actually. :) This isn't my story; it's the story of all the kids (and families!) I've worked for and with through nearly eleven years in my role as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse. And I feel compelled to share it.

There's a special population among my kids in the Pediatric ICU who touch my heart in ways that words can hardly describe: my kids battling blood cancers. The strength, courage, hope, love, and resilience of these kids and their families inspire (and challenge!) me beyond description. The impact they leave on my life, heart, and soul is far-reaching. Indeed, words fail me! The only way I know how to truly express the admiration and gratitude I feel in being able to take part in their fight in my role as a nurse is through action: by fighting, bravely.

I will bravely fight with you and for you; I will bravely fight when you are no longer able; and I will continue your brave fight, even in your absence. There is honor in this brave fight, and by fighting I will honor you and your bravery. And you will constantly remind me what bravery really is.

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