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Being brave became a lifestyle

Posted on June 23 2014

Being brave became a lifestyle

On 10/27/2001 I took my friends motorcycle for a joyride. It was as if I was there speeding away, then it was like my eyes were closed all the way. So to speak I never came back that day. I arose like a phoenix on the 18th day. Later I was told I had been in a coma, fractured my lower vertebrae, suffered a closed head injury, and traumatic brain injury. I had to relearn to walk, relearn the use the left side of my body. I tied my right arm to my body to force me to use my left. My autonomic system is broken with 2 yrs of memory before the accident was deleted. I don't remember 911 happening. I'm just going to say its weird not remembering that detail in our current history. I feel like an alien. Western medicine wrote me off. Walking by myself was not on the table. I kept telling them they are wrong. My dad looked down at me and said, "You beat this I'll help you become anything you want." Ok game on. I was enrolled into culinary school before I walked out of the hospital. I earned 3 culinary degrees from the Florida Culinary Institute. Perfect attendance for all 3 consecutive. I have been traveling around the country for the past 9 yrs as a chef, pastry chef, and baker. Hey, if the Mayans were right about 12/20/2012 talk about going out while I'm on top. I had my debut appearance on the food network. I crushed everything western medicine put in front of me. I did it without their drugs and their help and did it on my time line. I left the hospital 18 days after I woke up. I have not seen a doctor since I left the hospital in 2001.
I have found myself in Oregon. I'm stay with another survivor helping her out. She is 24 yrs out. Actually she has helped me so much. I can never repay her. Now I find myself with 3 other high functioning survivors and we are fixing our problems ourselves. We are on a high cbd medical live trial doing reach for CTE epilepsy Brian injuries and damentia. And the results are looking very promising. My best friend has had uncontrollable epilepsy for 22 yrs. 1000s of seizures a week. She has been seizure free for 7 months. She just went on her 1st vacation in 25 yrs. I moved back to Florida to be closer to my parents and I'm farming all heirloom vegetables and herbs. I found white wheat from the civil war time period. I have a theory that if we use that wheat. People with gluten allergies can eat it. It's before we blended the wheat species. It also has a higher protein content and a lower gluten content. I would really LOVE to do some public and motivational speaking.

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