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Beauty With A Bag

Posted on February 11 2016

Beauty With A Bag
I personally fight a battle with Ulcerative Colitis. I fell sick in 2006 at John Wayne airport and since that day it’s been a nonstop battle. After many years of having no answers, chemo drugs, loads of steroids etc, everything came to a head December of 2014. I landed myself at the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio where my large intestine was taken from me and I was given a prized item known as an ostomy bag.

Well fast forward to April of this year where I had surgery and my ostomy went bye bye and I was able to go to the bathroom like every other normal person. However, Ulcerative Colitis knows no grace, the disease again took over my newly created plumbing.

September of this year I was given a permanent ostomy and had my bum sewn up (yes, I do not have a bum hole anymore… weird huh??). I then had another surgery in November because of complications. And then December 1st I was back in the hospital being cut open yet again because I developed an obstruction. Long story short I spent 6 weeks total in the hospital fighting for my life after going septic from an infection that formed after surgery. I’ve spent a total of about four months in the hospital this year. I don’t want sympathy! I want awareness spread. All of this isn’t ok. I won’t stay silent when it comes to this disease.

I am tired of fighting this alone and nobody knowing what Crohns and Colitis is. It may not be the most glamorous disease, but it is time to get the word out and help others band together and find a cure.
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