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Be Brave, Rescue a Dog, Save a Life

Posted on April 09 2014

Be Brave, Rescue a Dog, Save a Life
Little did I know that back in September 2010 after I'd lived in Ruskin, Florida for a bit over a year my life would begin to change . . . and I would become Brave again. Newly married, still trying to get my bearings in a new place, new life, new friends, no job. I'd brought with me from North Carolina my beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppy Bella I'd gotten from a local backyard breeder and my two adult female cats, Molly and Trixie.

So here I was driving aimlessly down this rural 2 lane road headed back to my husbands house, and there "she" was. A tiny, running scared tan and black flash of patchy hair zig zagging across the road, about to get squished by a speeding car. As I stopped another vehicle coming towards . . . they stopped, too.

Both of us gals got out of our cars and tried to get the poor little puppy to come to us. The pup was a mess, kinda ugly and just so tiny and sick looking.  I finally grabbed her and looked at the other woman. I told her I already had animals and couldn't take her home with me.

She motioned towards her van loaded with a bunch of kids and simply stated, "I've got a house full of kids, I can't take it either."  She won. I took the mangy little dog to the local no-kill shelter to no avail. All full. Couldn't take her. Too many stray dogs on the streets. Good Grief!  I reluctantly took her home.

She had to be quarantined from my own dog and cats until I could get her into the closest Vet the next day. God, she was a mess and was so stinky. A bath didn't help at all. This little pup was so pitiful and looked so sad.

The skin on her back was black and leathery with no hair. Emaciated, full of fleas and I guessed worms, too. I kept calling more no-kill shelters - all full. I was so scared she had the contagious mange and my critters would catch it.  Sad day for all of us, very tense at home for sure with the still "new" husband.

The very kind Vet  looked her over the next day and decided she was a 6 month old, 6.3lb Chihuahua or Rat Terrier mix. He took me back to their lab and showed me under the microscope the little "alligator" looking bugs that covered her skin. The mange was not contagious!  She was curable, with time and care. Thank God for that.

Rather than have me buy the Ivermectin medicine from them for this little stray I really didn't want forever, he suggested I buy it online and save money.  It was going to be an expensive, and a long 3 months of daily doses of awful tasting medicine. I felt so sorry for the puppy.

Tossed out, or a run away, I'll never know.  But care I gave. Medicine we bought. For almost an entire 3 months I gave her the awful tasting stuff.  During that time my husband named her Madelyn.  A big name for a pip-squeak of a dog. Luckily, she got along Ok with my dog and the cats were tolerating her silly, fast paced antics.

Then she went into heat. Geesh! Madelyn bled more than any other dog I'd ever had. Then we had her spayed. And somehow, this little creature captured our hearts!

By this point she was my under-the-cover-buddy . . . every night.  She loved me for taking care of her, and darn-it, I loved her, too.  I'd saved her from a sure death from either being road kill, starvation or a hawk dinner.

Being BRAVE was the right thing to do. I know in my heart that she needed help, and I could provide it. It breaks my heart to see dogs running on the street in obvious distress, scared, injured, sick. It shouldn't be that way.

By July 31,2013 Critter Mama Rescue, Inc was officially born. We rescue dogs under 30 pounds , fundraise to get them all Vet care, shots, spayed or neuter, microchipped and otherwise healthy! They live in our homes and are part of our family.  They never spend hours in a crate or any dog pen.  They eat only health foods and treats, and are adopted into loving homes after a lengthy application is completed and the required Home Visit is accomplished.  Then, if the puppy or dog, picks them for their own, it's a done deal.

Help us raise funds for animal care and to raise awareness in our community about spaying and neutering and microchipping all dogs.  Be Brave, Rescue a Dog, Save a life!
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