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Be Brave for Korbenator

Posted on December 20 2016

Be Brave for Korbenator
September 27 2016 I got a call from Korben's school who said Korben looked very pale and was complaining of having a hard time breathing, and feeling very faint. After talking to the nurse I had decided it would be a good idea to take him to his doctor incase he may be coming down with the flu. The doctor checked Korben over and decided he didn't like how pale he was, or how short of breath, and some minor complaints of his stomach hurting, so he suggested we go straight to Sacred Heart incase he may have a slow internal bleed from appendix rupture, but he was not sure, and took the matter very seriously. We went to straight to Sacred Heart it took the nurses 4 hours, and 4 different trys to get an IV in his arm's due to his veins kept collapsing. Once they did and got his labs drawn it had shown that he was severly anemic and needed a blood transfusion immediately. They transferred us to the oncology floor which extremely confused me. They kept saying that Korben may have Leukemia, but will need to run further tests. At this point my head was spinning we were on a rollercoaster that we couldn't get off of. So many doctors, nurses, surgeons kept saying the word cancer, and we just didn't want to hear it until we knew the actual results. After a full night of blood transfusion the next day they took my baby back and he received his first bone marrow. That night was the night the doctor sat me down and told me the news that has embarked us on this journey a journey that would forever change our lives. Korben has Leukemia ALL he has been considered high risk due to his age, but I knew as soon as they said the words he would fight this. He would fight cancer and his dad, and 2 brothers and amazing family would be by his side and fight this with him. Korben is currently considered remission after 2 months of chemo. He still has 3 years of chemo to go, but will continue to fight his way through!
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