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Battle 4 Brynnik

Posted on June 15 2015

Battle 4 Brynnik
Late November 2014, my 9 year old son Brynnik had a lot of bruising on his thighs. His pediatrician sent us to the hospital and after a bone marrow biopsy Brynnik was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Failure. He began getting regular platelet and blood transfusions as we ruled out all the know blood disorders. Doctors said he would need a bone marrow transplant and the family was tests. We were not a match so we turned to the national registry thankfully we had a couple of potential matches. April 2015 our diagnosis of bone marrow failure progressed to severe aplastic anemia. We were admitted to Childrens Dallas and began the radiation and chemo for the transplant. May 2015 it was confirmed the transplant was not a success and we began the process again. Brynnik is scheduled for his second transplant June 17th 2015. My mission is to raise awareness on the need for bone marrow donors. The process is very simple and painless for the donors. A simple cheek swab and you could be the match that saves a life.
Wear your Bravelet to support Brynnik and others in their fight - share this symbol of hope. B-Strong!
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