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Autism Super Heroes Everywhere - It WILL be OK!

Posted on March 29 2016

Autism Super Heroes Everywhere - It WILL be OK!
Ever had someone hold your hand and say "Everything will be ok"? Ever had someone hold your hand, every day, supporting you, teaching you, providing safety, providing a judgement free environment, providing fun times and even in hard times holding your hand through every step? Our family has!

Because of the resources and outreach coordinator from the Autism Society Central VA, Wyatt has shown how important early intervention really is. He has gone through amazing changes and growth with his speech and social skills. If not for their support and inclusive activities we would have missed out on a lot! At age 2 Wyatt stopped talking and began strange behavior such a lining up cars and studying the wheel movements and not really interacting with anyone. He was asked to leave preschool because he was not developed enough to move up to next level and we removed him from another because he began to bang his head against he wall and at both we were told he was a distraction to the other kids' learning. Wyatt loves to wonder around and talks loudly and has to move and shake the sillies out sometimes and if given the chance he will share all the details of our cats, dog, house and family to anyone. The ASCV creates many opportunities where this is all acceptable and not in the least strange! From music fun, lego building to bowling and movies where Wyatt isn't afraid or overwhelmed by the darkness or loud speakers! The Autism Society of Central VA helps thousands of families, like ours every day in many ways.

ASCV offers the following to the 1 in 68 affected by autism in OUR COMMUNITY:
* Information and Referral to families on a variety of issues, from newly diagnosed families to adolescents transitioning into the adult world
* Monthly recreational and social events such as our Inclusive Lego & Game Club and Bowling Leagues
* Free workshops on IEPs, behavior, Medicaid Waivers, special needs planning and transition to adulthood.
* Advocacy on behalf of our community to improve services and supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
* Support groups
* Scholarships for camps and other recreational activities
* Sibshops
* Scholorships used by ASCV members and NON-MEMBERS of local families to use for camps!

All these activities are sponsored by the ASCV and 99% at no cost to the families! Wyatt has seen a few different specialists over the past year and all were located with the help of ASCV. Even now as we are muddling through different possible diagnosis and dealing with the fact we may never get a clear answer and that we may just be dealing with a little bit of ASD, SPD, and anxiety disorder - ASCV have supported us!!!

Please help us now show our support and appreciation to this amazing organization - Our HEROES!
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