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Autism Awareness

Posted on April 02 2013

My name is Shai and I am the mother of two autistic sons. When my first son was diagnosed with autism I didn’t know much about it as it was the 80′s and there wasn’t much info out there on autism and the Internet didn’t exist yet. Back in 2003 I had my second son with autism and he was diagnosed in 2004 with high function autism spectrum disorder. From that time I started researching the Internet and reading lots of books. This led me down the road to naturopathic medicine as I found that biomedical approaches seemed to be helping my son. I also couldn’t afford a lot of therapies so I read up on behavioral therapy and speech therapy and then proceeded to teach my son on my own.Today my son is nine years old in the fourth grade. Although he does have some challenges he is at a ninth grade reading level and math he’s at about a 7th or 8th grade level. He taught himself his time tables on a calculator at the end of the first grade going into the second grade. They wanted me to have him study his time tables in the third grade and I told them that I can’t teach him what he already knows. They quickly agreed with me when they saw him count by sevens and we couldn’t get past 21 without thinking about it a minute. They couldn’t grade him on his computer skills because he could teach the teachers how to do stuff on their computers. They are still in awe of his talent and capabilities.Over the summer I was approached to do an online talk show on autism. My friend chose me because of my postings on Facebook about autistic children and she also knows that I am trained in naturopathic medicine. The show will be online in the spring of 2013. I’ve made it clear to many people that this is not a show about whining moms that want everyone to feel sorry for them. This show will of course spread awareness about autism but, also display the talents and intelligence that these children possess. We want people to know that they are not stupid and that just because they have speech impediments or are non-verbal doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and don’t know anything.In case you all are interested in watching the show is called Autism Families Talk and all of the content will be from the families perspective. We will talk to parents, siblings, other family members, friends, as well as professionals across the board that work with these children on a daily basis.Thank you for allowing me to post my story. I hope to serve as an inspiration and show other moms that hope for their children is not lost. They may not be to have things the way they dreamed them to be but, these children are capable of reaching acheivement far beyond our wildest dreams as parents. My son is living proof of that. He draws accurate floor plans at 9. He may be our future architect that can build incredible buildings in the future.


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